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Cloud Management?

Today's Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) employ interfaces that behave much like desktop apps. Web 2.0 sites and services have taken the internet by storm, so many companies have raced to implement these cutting edge technologies. The power behind this new generation of the web derives from several factors:

 Client-side web browsers have become more standards compliant and now perform much of the work.
 Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX)techniques permit pages to request only the data they need, so pages only update the portions that change.
 Pages are increasingly powered by web services and RSS feeds.
 Remote resources are exposed via simple Representational State Transfer (REST) interfaces so client/server interactions are brief and scale well.
 Many popular sites have created Web APIs to expose public features.

The cloud leverages data that would be very difficult for individual organizations to collect and manage. Sites like Google provide search APIs that can be incorporated into your site, and Microsoft exposes maps via MapPoint. Weather information, stock quotes, and news feeds have all been syndicated as services. As software services move to the cloud, projects must be engineered to operate within a much broader security context. Resource access mechanisms, identity management schemes, service interfaces, communications protocols, and component inter-relationships must all be factored into the development effort.

Desktop applications need not be left behind. Web Services and a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) can be integrated into your desktop application projects so that the cloud is available on the desktop. Popular productivity software packages like Microsoft Office already rely on web services to extend help, add templates, etc.

From a management standpoint the cloud, RIA's, and a SOA offer a broad range of features and challenges. Your clients can access the services you expose via responsive and intelligent interfaces, and your management team can drive the public output of your business. Seafoam Solutions can help - Web 2.0 and the cloud offer next-generation opportunities. When you decide to expose your organization's data, we can help you build services and client-side applications that expand your business's possibilities and open new horizons.
Are your management responsibilities growing? Professional Web Solutions
Expose your business's public image on the web. A professional image inspires confidence from your customers and the Internet offers a lot of opportunity for small firms. Seafoam Solutions can help you build a new site or add to your existing site. Here are some of the things you can do on the web.

 Advertise Your Business
The web has replaced the yellow pages. People go to the web to look up information because the experience is richer, deeper, and more complete. Your site serves as an advertisement for your business.
 Create a Sales Portal
B2B sales are driven by price quotes and bids, and internet shopping has become a viable alternative for consumers. You gain "reach" by exposing your product catalog online.
 Schedule Patient or Client Appointments
Provide appointments online. Your patients or clients can quickly select a date and time that fits their schedules, and you can provide notifications or request confirmations via email shortly before the appointment.
 Expose Your Employee's Schedules
Employees can view their schedules online and request leave. For businesses that send employees to the client's location, the location can be easily added.
 Menus and Dinner Reservations
Open your menu to the web. Your customers can browse your menu and plan dinner reservations in advance.

Attract audiences of all ages! While the world wide web has traditionally been the destination of choice for young, tech savvy people, web audiences have matured and the web now reaches a much wider population. The widespread adoption of broadband and cell phone technology has helped make the web a mainstay for everyone.

Don't Forget Your Mobile Audience
Your customers expext to find you on their phones, but browsers in cell phones often require scaled-down versions of web pages. Some pages just won't display on many devices. Mobile phones and today's smart devices like the iPod Touch offer opportunities to extend your reach. Seafoam Solutions offers professional web solutions for all audiences at an affordable price. 
Small Business Web Solutions
Seafoam Solutions managed services for small businesses provide you with an affordable alternative to in-house administration.
Installation and Configuration
Desktops and Laptops $35 + $25/hour*
Printers and Peripherals $35 + $25/hour
Network Equipment $75 + $45/hour
Services Contract $25/Computer/Month
Small Business services contract includes: account/login management, backups, data migration, OS/Antivirus updates
Web Development
Website Registration $250/Domain
Web Page/Report Development From $75/hour
Web Service Development From $120/hour
Web Service Integration From $90/hour
Web Search From $75/hour
Website Administration
Database Integration From $85/hour
Content Development From $30/hour
Data Format Conversion From $60/hour
Site Update Consulting From $85/hour
*Prices subject to change without notice. Call for the latest pricing information. Small Business service contracts based on a minimum of ten managed PCs.

Wireless Hotspot Security Tips
Adapted from Microsoft's Seven Tips for Working Securely For Wireless Hotspots

Tips to make working in public locations more secure:
 Choose Secure Connections
you can, opt for wireless networks that require a network security key, use encryption, or have some other form of security such as a certificate.
 Forgo free networks
Consider subscribing to a paid hotspot network for better security. Also, consider using a VPN service if your company doesn't have its own VPN gateway.
 Activate Your Firewall
A firewall helps prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your computer through the internet or a network.
 Monitor Access Points
Don't connect to unknown access points and prevent accidental connections by configuring your PC to let you approve access pointss before connecting.
 Turn Off Your Radio
Always turn your Wi-Fi radio off when you are not using it. Hackers can set up peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connections with your computer and use them to access your personal information.
 Disable File and Print Sharing
When using a hotspot, disable file and print sharing.When enabled, it leaves your computer vulnerable to hackers.
 Make Folders Private
When your folders are private, it's more difficult for hackers to access files. You can protect your files further by encrypting them, which requires a password to open or modify them.
 Consider Removing Sensitive Data
If you're working with extremely sensitive data, it might be worth taking it off your notebook altogether. ©2009-2010 All Rights Reserved
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