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Peer Monitor $279.99
What are your employees doing right now? Surfing the web? Texting? Handling personal business? How much is your business losing every day to this sort of wastefulness? The Peer Monitoring System puts you back in control, allowing you to see at a glance exactly what your employees are doing and which programs they are using. You can view thumbnails of multiple workstations or zoom in on just one. You can remotely send alerts, close programs, or lock workstations.

The Peer System consists of two parts, the Peer Agent which is installed on your remotely monitored systems, and the Peer Monitor which is installed on your management computer. Out of the box, Peer collects desktop images and user information from remotely monitored workstations every 30 seconds. Network utilization is throttled so the impact on your bandwidth is minimal. Requirements: Windows 2K/XP/Vista.

Drive Imaging Service
Your computers contain critical data that would be difficult to recreate if a business interruption was to occur. Backups and restores can put you back on your feet quickly if your computers are still operational, but what if your systems suffer a complete failure? Your data may be safely backed up, but you still have the chore of restoring your operating systems and business software. The real cost to your company is in uptime - it can take hours to reconfigure your systems and get users back online.

Time spent restoring computers is time NOT spent on your core business.

Drive images bridges the gap when data backups alone cannot restore business operations. A drive image consists of a snapshot of a configured disk - including all files, settings, and preferences. With terabyte-sized disk prices coming in under $200, a drive image provides inexpensive insurance. Your drive images can be installed in minutes, and all your accounts and settings are restored. Data backups can be applied to get you back in business quickly.

 Average business desktops contain 30 to 60 gigabytes of programs and data.
 Only a tiny fraction of desktop drive space is allocated to business data.
 Most companies apply common desktop configurations which lend themselves to disk imaging.
 A single terabyte-sized drive can hold disk images for several configured desktops.

Seafoam Solutions provides disk imaging as an optional part of its managed services contract.

Power Up Your Productivity
Much of your business's data is stored in files produced by your productivity suite. Word files store correspondence. Excel files contain billing data. The strength of productivity software is that it allows users to quickly record information. A huge weakness is that the same information gets recorded in different ways by different users (or even by the same user on a different day). Our creative juices flow when we create a new Word file, and everyone has different tastes when it comes to formatting a document.

Unstructured information like this often finds its way into your data matrix, and while the depth and breadth of your productivity software is undeniable, imposing some order on this data is often a daunting task. Users pass Office files back and forth, so when you need a file, which version do you get? Versioning and duplication represent layers of complexity that compound your problems when you need a report that integrates data from numerous files. Spreadsheets are notoriously difficult to integrate, especially when formulas and data are spread across multiple workbooks.

Impose Order
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) can help. Sharepoint opens views into your data by creating a centralized portal - you can create templates that express your business's image and expose them from MOSS to improve your document workflow and eliminate duplication of effort. MOSS hosts Office Business Applications that can integrate Line Of Business (LOB) data and offer a bridge into web services, and Windows SharePoint Services allow your teams to work collaboratively from a SharePoint site.

Office Business Applications
Office Business Applications put you in control. A considerable portion of the time spent creating a document goes to adding formatting to make the document attractive. Intelligent Documents offer structure by adding interface and validation layers so that your employees fill in data instead of creating formatting. Once your data is structured, it may be more easily consumed by other systems.

Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) provides cutting edge programming tools that integrate directly into the Office System and allow you to interface your data to LOB systems or the web. Establish control over your productivity software. Seafoam Solutions offers Microsoft Office development solutions and training in the use of Office at an affordable price.
Products And Services

Workstation and Laptop Computers $35 + $25/hour
Consists of loading an operating system and the requisite updates, loading hardware drivers, creating accounts, configuring network and internet connections, defining resource access, setting group policy, establishing data backups, loading commercial software, enabling firewalls and antivirus packages, setting power use policy, creating an asset record, displaying the company's desktop, and troubleshooting.
Printers and Peripherals $35 + $25/hour
Consists of setting up the device, establishing a connection, loading drivers, verifying functionality, setting permissions, mapping remote connections, and troubleshooting.
Network Equipment $75 + $45/hour
Includes installation of network switches and hubs, creating wireless access points, establishing a wired Ethernet, crimping cable, assigning host addresses, analyzing the client network's attack surface, and troubleshooting.
Internet Information Server $250 + $90/hour
Includes configuring Internet Information Server for web, ftp, and smtp services, setting the machine configuration files, establishing virtual directories, creating a base configuration for the server, and troubleshooting
SQL Server $250 + $90/hour
Includes server installation and updates, establishment of available connection modes, creation of accounts/logins, negotiation with firewalls, attack surface configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting.
  Managed Services
Small Business Managed Services $25/Computer/Month
Requires a minimum of ten computers. Includes onsite account/login management, scheduled backups, OS/Antivirus updates, device driver updates, client network configuration, group policy updates, power management, maintenance and repairs, and troubleshooting.
Asset Tracking From $60/hour
Consists of developing asset inventories, documenting product model numbers and serial numbers, purchase dates, prices, vendors, development of an asset database to contain records of assets, creation of equipment depreciation schedules, resale assistance, replacement and upgrade planning, environmentally friendly equipment disposal, secure media disposal.
  Desktop Development
Desktop Applications From $75/hour
Includes development of Microsoft Windows and Linux managed applications according to specifications, integration with existing databases, creation of the presentation layer, format translations and conversions for existing data, offsite storage of managed source.
Network Applications From $90/hour
Includes establishment of transport mechanisms, service port assignments, protocol definitions, data flows between client and server, establishment of the presentation layer, integration with existing databases, offsite storage of managed source.
Report Applications From $60/hour
Includes development of report based applications, leveraging existing data and web services, integrating with existing databases, offsite storage of managed source.
  Web Development
Website Registration $250/Domain
Includes establishing a hosting relationship, registering a site domain, configuring email and ftp services, uploading an "under construction" page, defining database connections, and setting directory permissions.
Web Page/Report Development From $75/hour
Includes defining the business rules for the page, establishing the site layout and master pages, creation of HTML and JavaScript, connecting to existing databases and web services, defining authentication and authorization modes, basic layout and content development.
Web Service Development From $120/hour
Consists of establishing public interfaces, defining service functions, connecting to existing databases, proxying remote web services, formatting return data, defining authentication and authorization modes, establishing a security layer.
Web Service Integration From $90/hour
Includes integrating local or remote web services into either an existing web application or a desktop application. Involves registering with remote sites if required, integrating security, interacting with the existing presentation layer, formatting return data.
Web Search Integration From $75/hour
Includes building a site index tool, defining search terms, adding links to facilitate navigation, creating web search interface elements, incorporating popular search engines into your site.
Online Product Catalog From $90/hour
Includes developing an inventory and pricing database, incorporating product search, developing product descriptions and content, implementing a shopping cart, creating the presentation layer.
Online Payment System From $120/hour
Consists of establishing a secure connection channel via https, creating a presentation layer for credit card data entry, incorporating credit card validation and PayPal payments, integrating shopping cart selections into billing. Reports may include billing, invoicing, receipt of payment, backorder notification, and order fulfillment.
 General Development
Microsoft Office Project Development From $60/hour
Includes development of documents and reports, integration of Word, Excel, or Access via VBA OLE automation or Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO). May involve presentation layer development, especially in Access, and may require a relational database back end.
SQL Server Database Development From $90/hour
Includes development of a relational model for the storage of data, creation of database tables, views, functions, and stored procedures, implementation of access control for database objects, scripted database creation code, offsite storage of managed source.
Database Integration From $85/hour
Involves integrating an existing database into a managed desktop or web application, defining connection objects, developing queries, implementing login capabilities, validating credentials, scripting database object, offsite storage of managed source.
Data/Document Format Conversion From $60/hour
Consists of defining document or data transformations and the development of algorithms to effect the translation. May involve XSLT transformations of structured XML data.
Smart Phone/Mobile Device Development From $85/hour
Consists of integrating SmartPhone or Windows Mobile devices into your existing infrastructure, and connecting to database and web services.
 Training and Consultation
Project Consultation From $85/hour
Consists of on-site meetings to model a new project, create specifications, analyze business case for the project, plan logistics, schedules, timetables, resources, and manpower, determine the probable cost and timetable for completion.
Training in Basic Computer Literacy $60/person per session
Consists of how-to topics which include powering up, logging in and out, using the mouse and keyboard, opening a program, finding help, opening and saving files, managing files and folders, using the clipboard, printing documents, connecting to the internet, sending and managing email. Minimum class size is 8 people.
Training in Microsoft Word $60/person per session
Involves a training regimen adopted from the Shelley Cashman Vermaat series. Subjects include starting Word, opening and saving files, entering text, selecting font faces and sizes, applying formatting options including boldface, italics, underline, superscript, subscript, selecting text, managing text with the clipboard, managing text with drag and drop operations, formatting paragraphs, inserting tables and graphics, and printing documents. Minimum class size is 8 people.
Training in Microsoft Excel $60/person per session
Involves a training regimen adopted from the Shelley Cashman Vermaat series. Subjects include opening Excel, creating and saving files, entering textual, numeric, and date data, navigating between cells and worksheets, formatting data using fonts and font styles, using AutoSum, creating basic formulas, referencing data from multiple worksheets, and printing reports. Minimum class size is 8 people.

Who Does Your Purchasing?

How much time do you spend shopping for your IT purchases? Do you delegate purchasing to your secretarial staff? Will you get the best deal? Does the gear you selected have a warranty or service contract? What will be the total cost of ownership (TCO) for your purchase over the life of the equipment? Is the vendor reliable?

Time spent shopping for the right equipment is time NOT spent on your core business.

IT equipment purchases are not as straightforward as other purchases. You have to live with your decision for years, and the dizzying array of specs on new equipment is probably outside the purview of your expertise. Let Seafoam Solutions handle your IT purchases. As a part of your managed, turn key installation contract, Seafoam Solutions provides equipment purchasing support. ©2009-2010 All Rights Reserved
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