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n-Tier Development

Distributed, high up-time applications are architected modularly and incorporate separate layers for data, business logic, and presentation. These layers are often implemented on separate machines, and the most obvious example of an n-Tier application is a website. In a website data and business logic are combined and routed to a client browser for presentation (though increasingly, in Web 2.0 applications, business logic is encapsulated in JavaScript via AJAX technologies, but the concept is still the same). Database Server systems like SQL Server, DB2, MySQL and Oracle rely on an n-Tier architecture to drive your business apps. Your new managed applications can apply these n-Tier concepts:

 Data in your RDBMS software should not be directly accessible to users and should be managed by business objects.
 Your presentation layer should be adaptable so that when you want to provide a web front end to your data it can rely on the same business logic as your desktop applications.
 Business logic should be driven by an Object Request Broker and not by elements of your presentation layer.

Let the experts build your next generation of software. Seafoam Solutions applies n-Tier development principles to the design of your distributed systems so that your data remains secure and your users get the targeted information they need - when they need IT.

Smart Phone Projects
Power up your Windows Mobile or SmartPhone devices. Seafoam Solutions offers development projects that target these devices and provide you with an opportunity to leverage the power they contain.

  Integrate Your Databases - Smart Phones and Windows Mobile devices can connect directly to your business's data
  Leverage to Web Services - Add web features to your mobile device projects.
  Extend Your Reach - Mobile devices can go places other computing devices cannot.
  Connect Your Employees - Open lines of communications to your employees when they are on the go.

Seafoam Solutions bridges the gap between PCs, laptops, and handheld devices and adds value to your investment in these vital technologies. Trust Seafoam Solutions to connect all your users - when you need IT.

Seafoam Solutions SmartPhone and Mobile Device Development Projects:    From $85/hour
Prices subject to change without notice. Check for availability for your specific device platform.
Protect Your Equipment

Your equipment is a valuable asset, so you want to get the most out of your investment. There are a few steps you can take to ensure that your equipment stays in tip-top shape. For systems that contain hard disk drives, it doesn't take long for data to get jumbled. Periodic defragmentation can keep those drives performing at optimal levels. Dust and debris finds it way into every crack in your systems. After a while, this buildup can clog fan openings, get into the delicate mechanisms of your removable drives, and cause your keyboards to fail. Vacuum and air cleaning can keep your systems and peripherals healthy.

Periodic Preventive Maintenance
  Hard Disk Defragmentation
  Vacuum and Air Cleaning
  Removable Media Drive Cleaning
  Cooling Filter Changes

In addition to routine maintenance, you can take a few additional steps to protect your equipment's health. One important consideration is clean, surge-free power. Add surge suppressors to your equipment's power source to smooth out incoming current. This step is especially important if you work around equipment that has a strong current draw such as large electric motors or welders. Additionally, you may want a graceful way to shut your systems down in the case of a power failure. Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) provide you with temporary power and can signal your units to shut down when power is unavailable, and portable generators can provide clean, temporary power in the event of an emergency.

The physical environment your systems live in is vital to their health as well. Cabling should not present a trip hazard, and physical security for the equipment may be a concern to protect against pilfering, vandalism, and hacking. Most important for the life of your equipment is a proper cooling system. Heat and humidity can degrade system performance and cause downtime. Place your equipment in a cool, dry room.

One Time Purchases
  Surge Suppression
  Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  Cable Management
  Cooling Systems
  Physical Security

Seafoam Solutions recognizes that your equipment is an valuable resource. As a part of our Small Business Managed Services Contract, the protection and preventive maintenance of your equipment is important to us. Seafoam Solutions protects your equipment investment - when you need IT. ©2009-2010 All Rights Reserved
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