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Affordable Desktop Solutions
Seafoam Solutions offers cutting edge desktop development for your business applications. When Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) packages can't fill your needs, come to the experts! We connect you to your data and provide responsive and intuitive interfaces for your employees.  

Development in Parallel
When you select a customer from a list, in the background your application may be looking up the customer's records to update your display. Nothing can be more aggravating than having to wait for each customer query to process. While you are waiting, how often have you asked yourself "Why is this so slow?"

The answer may be that your older applications were developed linearly, so speed increases were tied to processor clock cycles. You had to throw new hardware at the program to make it go faster. New applications must be built differently.

Moore's Law has held true for more than twenty years. Processor capabilities have grown at the astounding rate of nearly 50% each year. By 2004 the costs in efficiency and cooling of ever higher clock cycles forced chip vendors to "scale out" instead of scaling up, adding processor cores instead of increasing clock cycles. Software vendors have answered by moving their development efforts in new directions. Microsoft's Parallel Computing Initiative, announced in 2007, is one example of the direction of new development.

Parallel Development
 Today's multi-core paradigm demands a shift in application models, coding methods, and tooling.
 New Programs must leverage multiple cores in the latest generation of processors.
 Developers must be educated in the techniques of concurrent programming.
 Your projects must be modeled differently to take advantage of the benefits of parallel computing.

Seafoam Solutions employs the latest generation of development tools when crafting your applications. Your users will quickly notice how much more responsive their applications are. Your new managed applications can incorporate techniques of parallel computing to make data more accessible and interfaces more responsive. Move your development into the fast lane. Choose Seafoam Solutions as your technology partner.

Application Lifecycle Management
Your applications serve critical business roles and save you time and effort in the performance of difficult or repetitive tasks. Although they were designed to provide you with years of service, all programs have a measurable lifecycle. As your applications become dated, you must develop more and more workarounds to meet changing circumstances. The data your application was meant to provide grows less and less relevant. Eventually, you need replacement systems.

Seafoam Solutions recognizes that your applications are a valuable resource. Beginning before application rollout, features will have failed to make the cut. As time goes by, patches and updates will keep your program running, but new development ceases, management of the program passes hands, the development team disperses, and then source code gets lost. When a new developer tries to make sense of the program, he just doesn't speak the language.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) can help - Seafoam Solutions provides a managed environment for ALM. Stable binaries and their source are stored on our servers. Our project teams keep abreast of your changing circumstances and can provide updates for your programs quickly and painlessly. If you need to transition to a new application, we can help you to migrate data into new formats and train your people to use the new system. As your systems age we can help you plan lifecycle extensions.

Seafoam Solutions ALM
 Secure Storage of Source and Binaries
 Transition Services
 Data Migration from Old Formats
 Rapid Updates to Meet New Needs
 Training and Education
 Lifecycle Extension Planning

Your managed web apps can reap the benefits of ALM as well. Web applications are particularly susceptible to feature creep, changing specifications, and quick update cycles. Today's web applications are becoming as feature rich as their desktop counterparts. Dynamic content raises the bar in terms of ALM, but Seafoam Solutions is prepared to apply Web ALM to your sites.
Small Business Desktop Solutions
Seafoam Solutions managed services for small businesses provide you with an affordable alternative to in-house administration.
 Installation and Configuration
 Desktops and Laptops $35 + $25/hour*
 Printers and Peripherals $35 + $25/hour
 Network Equipment $75 + $45/hour
 Services Contract $25/Computer/Month
Small Business services contract includes: account/login management, backups, data migration, OS/Antivirus updates
 Desktop Development
 Desktop Application From $75/hour
 Network Application From $90/hour
 Report Application From $60/hour
 Basic Computer Literacy $60/person per session
 Microsoft Word 2003/2007 $60/person per session
 Microsoft Excel 2003/2007 $60/person per session
 Database Integration From $85/hour
 Content Development From $30/hour
 Data Format Conversion From $60/hour
 Update Consulting From $85/hour
*Prices subject to change without notice. Call for the latest pricing information. Small Business service contracts based on a minimum of ten managed PCs.

Model View Presenter Architecture
The Model View Presenter (MVP) architecture is a common development pattern for desktop applications. MVP is a well regarded paradigm because it structures programs in ways that make interactions natural and intuitive. Application frameworks like the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) implement the MVP pattern for skeleton applications because an MVP skeleton provides an excellent starting point for a new project. Developers are comfortable visualizing systems that implement MVP, so many commercial products are built from this basic design.

In an MVP application, a model is developed for each of the system's views. This model identifies the modes of operation the view embodies, pinpoints interfaces between program components, and defines the data structures the view relies on. From this set of models, a presenter is developed for each of the programs’ views. A presenter's job is to know everything that is necessary to make a view work, so a presenter is the implementation of a view. An application shell object hosts the views and a controller object manages navigation, display, and interaction.

Architecturally, a well-designed application should be Extensible.

MVP makes adding features to an application relatively painless because new features do not break existing code. The objects that define the interface for a view are closed for change once the view is set, but those same objects are open to expansion because the underlying interfaces are not disturbed by the changes.

Interface Oriented Design
Applications today are interface driven. The rich presentation layers implemented in commercial software have become comfortable spaces for your users. Your new desktop and web projects can implement the same sort of interfaces. Interface Oriented Design is an application of the Model View Presenter architecture where the interface design drives the overall design of the program. With IOD, your users needs can be rapidly translated to working software, and they can participate in the design and testing process. 

Managed Applications and MVP
Managed applications are well suited to applying the principles of MVP. Your new managed code projects can implement a rich presentation layer that provides an open and extensible object model for future growth. Architectural models aide developers in designing your applications because design patterns are time tested. Seafoam Solutions incorporates well known design patterns such as MVP into your projects to  build just the software you need, when you need IT.

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