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Is Your Data Safe?

Backup Backups are cheap insurance for your mission critical data. In the event of a catastrophe, data redundancy ensures that you can be back online quickly. Even the smallest organizations need protection.

 Data losses due to drive failures can cripple your business
 Customers will lose confidence in your business if their data is lost or stolen
 Without backups, your data may be unrecoverable

Painless Recovery
Even though your backup operations may be completely transparent, critical data is often exposed during backup procedures. Regulatory compliance issues may require the use of strong encryption, physical security, and access control, particularly when you store your data off site. Backup media represent a point of exposure, and the transport and storage of the media offer avenues for embarrassing data losses.

Seafoam Solutions Backup and Recovery Options
 Onsite repositories
 Offsite secure containers
 Network backup solutions
 Data deduplication
 Industry standard encryption

Documents may be propagated to many machines during the course of normal operations. Duplicated documents can quickly fill even the largest backup servers. Data deduplication techniques can reduce this overhead. 

Business Rules Analysis
Business Rules Analysis (BRA) combines employee insights about "how it's done" with a coherent approach to specifications details. Development projects often suffer from ill defined objectives, so BRA builds a foundation for the shared assumptions under which developers and clients operate.

Business rules define the properties and interactions of the processes software systems are built to model. Rules constrain systems along quantifiable dimensions. For example, weekend dates may be impermissible for a date field or tax rates may not apply to a certain category of product.

At Seafoam Solutions our development team works with you to define the sets of rules your system must apply. We recommend that your key people are involved in the development and testing of your software. Successful development efforts require communications between developers and users. BRA opens lines of communication that are essential to the success of development efforts. 

Managed Desktop Solutions
 Installation and Configuration 
 Desktops and Laptops $35 + $25/hour*
 Printers and Peripherals $35 + $25/hour
 Network Equipment $75 + $45/hour
 Services Contract $25/Computer/Month
Small Business services contract includes: account/login manage-ment, backups, data migration, OS/Antivirus updates
*Prices subject to change without notice. Call for availability of service.
Managed Business Solutions

Seafoam Solutions offers a comprehensive set of managed desktop configurations to meet your business's needs.

Management Responsibilities Desktop Management
IT Management time is a costly resource that must be carefully managed. Your managers must balance their resources.

 Account and Access Control
 Group Policy Settings
 Energy Usage Policies
 Remote/Home Connectivity
 Automated Backups
 OS and Software Updates
 Antivirus/Anti-Malware Solutions

Desktop Configurations Include:
 Windows 7 and MS Office 2010  
 Windows Vista and MS Office 2007
 Red Hat Fedora Linux and Open Office 3.0
 Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Software Packages

Competitive companies provide their employees with the tools and resources they Fedora Linux by Red Hat need to help their business grow and prosper. Employee desktops can host mission Microsoft Office critical software, proprietary data, customer and vendor information, and personal files, so they must be carefully managed. At Seafoam Solutions, we work with our clients to create a technology rich workplace where your employees are empowered, your management team retains control, and workflow progresses smoothly. Managed desktops must be able to utilize local and network resources including files, databases, printers, email, and the web. Account management and access control policies provide you with tools to open access to these resources without exposing critical data. Today's operating systems make managing these resources much easier than ever before, but Group Policy management is still a task best undertaken by experts. Scripted and Off-Site backups can protect your data, but backup procedures can open security holes and raise regulatory compliance issues. Desktops and peripherals consume power and emit heat, both of which raise your energy costs. Simple energy Microsoft Windows management policies can reduce consumption. Your employees often do more of their work at home than in the office. To support these hours you often don't have to pay for, your employees need to connect to your network remotely. Your network's health factors into its uptime. The attack surface your network exposes can be minimized, but no network is perfectly secure. Updating your systems with the latest operating system patches provides you with a sort of 'health insurance'.

The Green Sea Desktop
The Green Sea Desktop is an initiative by Seafoam Solutions aimed at reducing power consumption and energy costs for our customers. Consider these facts:

 Older, power-hungry systems consume 25 to 60% more power than today's energy efficient machines
Please Recycle  Greater power consumption means more heat and higher cooling costs
 During system idle time disk drives, processors and monitors waste energy
 New, energy-efficient processors provide better performance at a lower cost
 Machine policy settings affect energy consumption
 Energy Star ratings offer a basis for comparison during purchasing decisions

Seafoam Solutions works with you to apply Green Sea Desktop policies to your new and existing hardware. The Green Sea Desktop is a profile based system that can be applied to machines at the Group Policy level.

Green Sea Desktop Features
 Usage Pattern Analysis
 Policy Level Energy Profiles
 Training and Education

As a part of your comprehensive management solution, The Green Sea Desktop will help you to rein in energy costs. ©2009-2010 All Rights Reserved
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