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Get Connected to Your Data

Your databases are the workhorses of your business. They contain billing, inventory, and sales data for your customers and help you stay on top of your accounts. They store contact, client, vendor, and employee records so you can remain connected to the people that make your business happen. They provide you with the capability of executing "what if" queries so you can manage and plan operations and formulate your strategic vision. Databases are essential business tools.

Your Databases Contain
  Sales and Billing Information
  Customer and Vendor Contacts
  Personnel records
  Scheduling and Appointments

Today's relational databases provide the storage you need so that you can grow your business. Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) power much of the web and provide back-end data for n-Tier systems. SQL Server is Microsoft's enterprise class RDBMS and offers great value and unparalleled uptime. For your larger projects, SQL Server gets it done.

Small businesses may find that Microsoft Access is a better value because it is part of the familiar and ubiquitous Office suite. Databases hosted in MS Access can leverage an excellent reporting engine, and Access can connect to and collect information from many different data sources, including Excel, SQL Server, Oracle, and ODBC databases. When you outgrow Access, the data can be upsized to SQL Server.

Seafoam Solutions offers expert database development and administration for your small business.

Database Development
SQL Server Development From $90/hour
MS Access Development From $60/hour
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