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Background and Reference Checks

Seafoam Solutions performs background checks as a part of the applicant screening process. Background checks may include:
  Personal References
  Past Employment
  Educational Records
  Social Security and Immigration Status
  Credit Reports
  Worker's Comp Claims
  Criminal Background and Driving Record

What We Look For
At Seafoam Solutions we value our employees, so we are very selective in our hiring practices. Applicants are carefully screened. Some of the skills we are looking for include
  Collaborative Problem Solving
  Ability to Synchronize Activities
  Conscientiousness and Dependabilty
  Skillful Communications
  Team Focus
  Decision Making

Ethics In Management
Unscrupulous behavior is intolerable in business. You expect the people you do business with to comport themselves with decorum, and when they do not, the measure of trust underlying the relationship you have built with them shrinks considerably. You place faith in the people that make your business work, and when they prove to be untrustworthy that faith is shaken and your relationship with them comes under question.

A good reputation is one of the most precious assets you can possess. Your behavior and your treatment of employees, clients, customers, and vendors are critically important factors which shape the way in which you are viewed by others. As your reputation spreads, if it is favorable, your business will grow and prosper. 

Legislation Governing Applicant Screening
Equal Pay Act (1963)
guarantees that men and women receive the same pay for equal work

Age Discrimination in Employment Act (1967)
prohibits discrimination against people age 40 or older

Civil Rights Act (1964)
prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, sex, race, color, or national origin

Americans With Disabilities Act (1990)
prohibits discrimination based on disabilities

Immigration Reform and Control Act (1986)
ensures that employers require documentation before employing immigrants

Regulatory Compliance
In today's business environment, a flurry of legislative acts has complicated the lives of IT managers. While many of these acts apply to specific industries or to large enterprises, smaller businesses should keep abreast of the legislative landscape. Of particular importance are acts which regulate disclosure - information disclosure laws have become increasingly protective as legislators move to shield consumers from the mistakes of businesses.

Information disclosure is a dangerous area for small businesses. Seafoam Solutions does not disclose information to third parties pertaining to any information collected here, and we recommend to our clients that they develop very restrictive disclosure policies.

Disclosure Isn't Simple
The theft of a laptop or other connected device may place you in an embarrassing situation. If the machine contains any customer data, you may be legally obligated to immediately disclose this information, and when you do, your customers will be upset and may lose faith in your business.

Equipment and media disposal are issues closely related to disclosure law. The primary concern is that media and equipment may contain customer or employee data that is protected by ancillary legislation. For example, health providers may collect customer data that is protected by privacy legislation.

Unsolicited Email is another area in which it pays to keep up with current law. The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 regulates Email and provides consumers with a mechanism to request removal from organizational mailing lists. What constitutes spam? The answer is murky. If the customer does not request information from you, any information you send is unsolicited. For now you are safe to send unsolicited mailings as long as you comply with customer requests for removal from your mailing list within a reasonable timeframe.

Another Email-related area of legislative interest pertains to archival of corporate Email and internal documents. Many large organizations have outsourced Email, but they may be required to maintain an archive for internal documents. The storage for archives and mechanisms for retrieval can represent a huge expense.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Sarbanes Oxley Act
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
Requirements on Privacy of and Access to Information
Job Openings
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