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Domain Driven Design
Domain Driven Design (DDD) is an approach to complex systems where models of a system domain are successively improved in ways that lead the implemented software and its resulting code to more closely approximate the model a domain delineates. Bounded contexts define modular subsets of a larger overall model and implement the Single Responsibility Principle which requires objects to encapsulate features that isolate distinct entities from one another. Ubiquitous Language is a pattern of development implemented in DDD where object names and functions mirror the business entities they are designed to model. Relationships between bounded contexts represent architectural way-points in the design of software systems, so graphical views of a system often incorporate context maps which diagram interrelationships between entities.

 Entities - "things" in your system with both an identity and a lifecycle
 Value Objects - descriptors or properties of "things"
 Aggregate Roots - "things" that combine "things"
 Domain Services - primary operations within a domain that act on "things"
 Repositories - Collections of "things" that may be stored

DDD is about identifying functional units of work and grouping the resulting workflows into a domain. Domains should have easily identifiable boundaries and should not overlap onto one another. During the modeling process, subdomains, the logical children of system-level domains, emerge as mini- or micro-models within a larger domain's context. Entities represent the objects comprising a domain. Collections of entities may be aggregated, passed to domain services, or stored in repositories.

The implementation details of entities, value objects, processes, etc are hidden and abstracted away by the domain model. The rationale for this abstraction is that implementation detals are items which could be swapped out - data can be stored in a database, flat file, memory resident collection, etc. Details can usually be coded out by junior-level staff.

Domain Driven Design is a set of design patterns which can be applied to solve complex problems.

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Website Administration
Database Integration From $85/hour
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