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Welcome to Seafoam Solutions
Seafoam Solutions provides IT administration for businesses that don't need and can't afford full time IT professionals. Small firms need to focus on their core business, not on the hassles of installing, upgrading, and maintaining computers and technology.

                     A full-time, on-staff IT administrator demands $85,000 or more per year.

Most small businesses cannot afford that sort of overhead. If your firm does not need 40 hours a week of IT services, Seafoam Solutions can provide the targeted IT management you need, when you need IT.

Seafoam Solutions - Agile
Seafoam Solutions employs Agile development methodologies to craft your software systems. At Seafoam, we recognize that although software design is not a strength of our customers, your input is essential. We take your ideas and translate them into a workable system. Towards that end, Specification Driven Development (SpecDD) is one of the facets of the Agile model where customer interaction drives our development efforts. SpecDD does not necessarily create exhaustive specifications, because general industry best practices are followed in the architecture of your system. Specifications help us to marry up your existing infrastructure with the application we are developing and permit us to model the overall system, its interactions, interfaces, and interdependencies.

 Seafoam's Agile Development
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  Staged Rollout

Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools are employed in the design and development of your mobile,  web and desktop applications. Visual interface elements can be quickly modeled to provide you with a sense of how the completed product will behave. The logic behind these interface elements is not developed until you are satisfied with the visual design. Development sprints flesh out portions of the overall application so that subsets of your system can be completed, reviewed, and debugged while other portions of the system are being developed. The aim of these sprints is to provide measurable progress towards the completion of your product and at the same time provide you with the opportunity to review design goals and compare the implementation against both your specifications and with what you really want. At the conclusion of each sprint, developers and customers meet to review progress.

Output Driven Development (ODD) is yet another design principle we utilize to craft your solution. The outputs of your system including reports, analysis, web pages, and data files define its architecture, inputs, data model, and logic. Many of your inputs may already exist, so examining your outputs may also help us define existing interactions. As an example consider your reports. Reports often list principals, agents, or contact information for your organization. These items represent inputs for your report, and they usually require storage, a means of retrieval, editing, etc. Positions, personnel, and relationships change, so your reports must reflect current business circumstances. Care must taken to ensure flexibility for your system as a hedge against obsolescence.

Seafoam's customers benefit from Agile development because they are familiar with the completed system at rollout. Time spent on training can be minimized and our staged rollout approach flattens the learning curve for employees. Completed parts of the working system need not remain dormant while other parts undergo development. For example, a web service may go online as soon as it is completed to provide data to both existing components and to components that are under development. Agile puts the customer in charge and lets the customer decide what gets developed next.

Data Migration Services
You have decided to move into a new facility, and as a part of the move, you are installing new computers. Your old systems contain all your mission critical data - customer files, databases, email, personnel records, etc. Moving all that data into your new computers is much like moving your staff into a new facility.

Seafoam Solutions can ease your transition and provide you with peace of mind. Your data will be handled by experts. As your new systems are configured, we work with you to perform timely migrations to ensure that no files are lost or misplaced.

Confidentiality and Disclosure
It is the policy of Seafoam Solutions to require complete confidentiality from its employees and agents when acting on behalf of clients. Employees shall not disclose any aspect of a client relationship, and shall make every effort to ensure the integrity of client data, files, structures, and information systems. Employees shall not discuss any aspect of a client relationship with anyone not directly assigned to the client's account unless directed to do so by a supervisor.

It is the policy of Seafoam Solutions to immediately disclose to our clients any loss, theft, or damage to files or media which may be attributable to actions of our employees or agents acting on our behalf. Verbal disclosure to our clients shall be immediate. Written disclosure shall be provided within 24 hours of discovery of the incident and shall detail all affected data, metadata, data structures, media, or information systems that are impacted by the incident. ©2009-2010 All Rights Reserved
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